An integrated Marketing Support & Data Agency working with leading Estate Agents throughout England and Wales

What is it?

Have you ever asked any of the following questions?

  • What share of property sales do you have in your local area compared to your competitors?
  • Are you maintaining your share of instructions?
  • Are all the properties in your portfolio displaying a For Sale or Sold board correctly?
  • What have been the housing stock trends in your local area in the last 12 months?
  • What is the turnover of properties in each of the post code sectors targeted by your office?

If you have asked these types of questions then our Market Share Reports are invaluable. Every three months (or more often if required) we can supply you with an independent Market Share Report that provides all the answers.

Market Share Reports The Details

Our quarterly Market Share Reports give estate agents the following key pieces of information.

  • The number of For Sale and Sold boards identified for every estate agent within specified boundaries agreed with our customers. The trends in these board audit numbers for the last 6 months are also identified.
  • The value of the properties with boards using the latest land registry values. The share for each estate agent is also identified
  • The volume and value of the properties in each specific post code within a boundary (e.g. NE2 3) and the share held by each agent.
  • All this information broken down into each of the four property types DETACHED, SEMI DETACHED, TERRACED and FLAT/MAISONETTE.
  • An address list of every property displaying a board within the specified boundary. This is supplied as an EXCEL spreadsheet so that it can be analysed in as much detail as you may require.

As well as all this important information, we can offer exciting advertising opportunities that create awareness of your brand, stimulate referrals and win new instructions.