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Are you really independent?

Yes. When our collectors visit any location they do so anonymously. They will audit the boards as any consumer visiting the area would see them.

The information is sent by audio tape to our data entry team without any intervention. Once this data has been quality checked, a Market Share Report is generated. None of our customers are told the dates when our collectors are visiting a location.

Isn't this just a board count?

No. The board count data we capture has been accumulated over a 4 year period. We are the only company that visits these locations every quarter and therefore we have trend information for items such as the total housing stock and the changes in market share amongst agents over this period.

How accurate are your board audits?

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our data. We aim to achieve 100% accuracy but obviously the nature of board siting means there will be occasions when the odd board is missed.Our current accuracy rate is 98%+.

How old is the data?

Under normal circumstances we can generate a Market Share Report within 5 working days of collection. This ensures the data is fresh and relevant to your needs.

How big is your company?

We employ 25 people at our head office in Rainton Bridge near Durham. We employ 30 collectors throughout England and Wales to collect the data. We supply a wide spectrum of estate agent customers throughout England and Wales.

How does your advertising work?

When a Market Share Report is generated, there will be advertising opportunities for the estate agent who has the biggest market share.

This is measured in two ways:

  • The agent with the highest number of SOLD boards identified during the audit
  • The agent with the highest number of FOR SALE and SOLD boards identified during the audit

This provides an advertising claim, which can be presented in a variety of ways: VIEW ADVERTISING

Can we use the information in the Market Share Report to create our own advertising?

No. All the advertising claims we offer come as part of a fixed image (view advertising). This is to ensure all the claims that are made are consistent.

We have a Home Authority relationship with Trading Standards. They have directed us on all aspects of the advertising images and wording. Unfortunately this means we cannot add estate agent logos or colours to the advertising images we offer.

How long can I use the advertising for?

The claims on theadverts are validfor up to three months from the last day of the audit. You can use the advert as many times as you want to within that period.