An integrated Marketing Support & Data Agency working with leading Estate Agents throughout England and Wales

Direct Mail

Our Direct marketing data helps you to communicate directly to customers through a variety of your preferred media including postal, phone and email.

Our data allows you to:

  • Drive your "call to action" and measure responses effectively.
  • Build prospects’ emotional awareness or engagement with your brand at a time when they need it.

Let us help you build the perfect direct mail campaign that addresses the needs of your target market customers to drive both sales and brand awareness.

We have the expertise and resources available to manage both large and small-scale direct mail campaigns.

We can manage the process from beginning to end on your behalf or you can choose a more bespoke service that suits your requirements.

Our services include the following:

  • Supply of data (excel, .csv, .mdb or txt format)
  • Supply proof for authorisation of mailer/ envelope
  • Inkjet name, address, PPI and return address, black
  • Enclose letter/ flyer/postcard into C5 non-window envelope
  • Supply C5 non-window envelope
  • Postage service