An integrated Marketing Support & Data Agency working with leading Estate Agents throughout England and Wales

How we Work

For Sale Sign Analysis Limited is 
a completely independent company.

We collect information from 'for sale' and 'sold' signs by 
driving along every street in every conurbation in the UK 
once per quarter.

So, for example if we have collected the data for Leamington 
Spa in January we will collect again in April.

The information is collected by our own full-time employees. 
No third parties are involved in this process. This information is sent 
to our head office where it is entered into our software programs by our data 
input team. The data then undergoes a series of quality checks to ensure it is
accurate and consistent.

A Market Share Report is normally produced within 3 working days of collection ensuring that the content is as timely as possible.

For Sale Sign Analysis has a HOME AUTHORITY RELATIONSHIP with Trading Standards. Our advertising material has been produced following lengthy consultation with both Trading Standards and Advertising Standards.